Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning is responsible for the orderly development of the city and the administration of various land use regulations, including the zoning ordinance and subdivision ordinance. The Department assists with requests, questions and applications for:

Land Use Planning

Based on an adopted Comprehensive Land Use Plan, is the blueprint for managing development, while zoning and subdivision regulations are two of the tools most often used to implement the plan.

Commercial Site Plan Application

Developers are required to submit a Commercial Site Plan Application and the accompanying checklist for staff to process and verify compliance with ordinance, subdivision regulations, and engineering design standards. The commercial site plan shall be complete and approved by City staff prior to issuance of building permit. 

Incomplete applications will not be processed by the City and will be returned to the applicant. If the submittal is complete, the application will follow the schedule for Development Review.

Staff also provides technical assistance and support to the Plan Commission.

The Building Services Department assists with building permits, conditional uses, variances, setbacks, home occupations, and provides technical assistance and support to the Board of Adjustment.